The Perfect Finish Blog by KILZ®

A ready-to-use neutral creates the ideal base for your transformation. In this case, a coat of KILZ COMPLETE COAT® Paint & Primer in One—we’ve used a color called Swiss Coffee here—leaves little guesswork and effort because it covers all four walls with one coat. After that, the magic happens.

Featured colors: 

Swiss Coffee LJ240A

Oragami RJ210

Blue Juniper RF160-01

To add a pop of contrast and sophistication, we’ve elected to paint the bottom half of the walls in a slightly contrasting neutral—another KILZ COMPLETE COAT® hue called Origami. This combined neutral palette creates the effect that the ceilings are higher than they are, opening up the bedroom and making it feel more spacious.

But our weekend bedroom transformation isn’t apparent only on the walls; a furniture refresh is in order, too. KILZ® CHALK STYLE PAINT upcycles fixtures with a soft finish, creating the perfect accent piece for our tranquil, welcoming bedroom refresh.