Table & Chairs Makeover

Jan 12, 2017Blue, Brown, Color, Gray, How-To Projects

Project Checklist: 

Step 1:

For best results start with a properly prepared and previously painted or primed surfaces. Remove any loose or peeling paint and wash off dirt or grease with a non-soapy detergent or a TSP substitute. Rinse well and allow surface to dry.

Pro-tip: For glossy surfaces, scuff sand with the appropriate sandpaper prior to coating.

Step 2:

Tape off areas to be painted. To achieve a geometric pattern we recommend using measuring tape to evenly space tape.

Step 3:

Stir paint before and during application to make sure it is mixed.

Step 4:

Remove the painters tape when the paint is wet, or have a razor to cut the film if you’ve let the paint dry.

Step 5:

Allow to dry. The product dries to touch in 2 hours (at 77° F and 50% relative humidity) or longer in cooler temperatures and/or higher humidity.

Pro-tip: Measure peak to peak, as well as the distance between the points along the side of the table.

Pro-tip: Use a high quality synthetic brush or 3/8”-1/2” synthetic roller for the application. When painting a horizontal surface, like a tabletop, apply thin coats.


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