Calming and Energizing Paint Colors

Apr 1, 2020Trends

Changing the color of your walls can not only make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your space, but it can also affect your mood. Color theory is at the core of most interior design education programs and speaks to how different colors have the ability to evoke feelings of happiness, calm, excitement and even hunger. This month we’re showcasing two beautiful paint color palettes, each curated to suit a specific mood.

The colors for our two palettes were chosen from KILZ Complete Coat® line of a paint, a premium acrylic paint with excellent hide that is durable, scrubbable and resistant to fading. With the start of the spring season signaling fresh beginnings and longer days, our first featured palette is all about bright, happy and energizing colors. Including a vibrant teal-blue, sunny orange and yellow, and a sweet-sangria red – this palette is all about happy hues that bring about a sense of vitality and energy.

Southwestern Trail is a medium blue with a yellow undertone.

Lemonette is a bright daisy yellow with a gold undertone.

Chameleon is a green pepper with a cheery granny smith apple undertone.

Francesca is a deep red that evokes the color of a sweet red sangria in certain light. 

Spice Market is a tangerine with a ginger orange undertone.

Our second palette is a breath of fresh air – comprised of soft blues, subtle greens and graceful grays. These lighter hues can instantly soften a space and evoke feelings of peace and relaxation. Including slightly brighter light blues and greens, along with cool gray tones with the subtlest hints of purple or gray, this palette is instantly calming.

Blue Juniper is a light blue with a gray undertone that is reminiscent of a cool rain cloud.

Twilight Spell is a grayed light purple with a slight red undertone.

Garden Moss is a mossy lime with a sage undertone, a perfectly relaxed green. 

Alaskan Ice is a white with a blue gray undertone, like a cool cloudy day.

Touch of Lime is a light green with a yellow undertone.

It’s easy to see that color choice can have a big impact not only on how your space looks, but how it feels too. If you’re interested to try on different paint colors in different spaces (or even in your own space virtually!) check out KILZ Color Perfect™ where you can upload and virtually paint digital photos.


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