Trendy Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Refresh

Sep 4, 2018 | Blue, Color, Trends, White

Once the space is cleared, remove the cabinet drawers and doors for sanding. Applying a coat of KILZ® 2 Latex primer achieves two important goals: it blocks out stains and provides the ideal surface for new paint colors to adhere to the wooden drawers. Perform the same prep steps on kitchen walls.

When painting cabinetry, choose a strong, semi-gloss latex paint that holds up to the rigors of daily use in a high traffic area. Since we’re going for a lively, two-toned look, we’ve chosen KILZ® TRIBUTE® in a periwinkle blue called Old Lamppost and contrasted it with KILZ® TRIBUTE® in Contemporary White

Add some additional color punch with wild, graphic patterns on curtains or linens and suddenly your kitchen is a fun, inviting space perfect for entertaining. New knobs and pulls breathe new life into the cabinets once they’re replaced, and a simple pair of curtains cleverly camouflages the laundry appliances. An inexpensive set of new accessories tops off our slick new kitchen look, and the finished product is now cozy, clean and welcoming.