Paint and Primer belong together. It’s a match made in heaven. Primer helps Paint to be the best it can be, which is the keystone of any good relationship. Read on below to learn five reasons why Paint loves Primer.

After image of kitchen with painted blue cabinets
Before image of a kitchen with wood cabints
PRIMER MAKES YOUR PAINT JOB DURABLE Over time, fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels can make paint peel. For spaces where this is normal, like kitchens, using KILZ 3® Premium Primer, known for its exceptional adhesion and durability, before you paint can help ensure your paint job lasts longer. It’s a match made in heaven. LEARN MORE
KILZ 3® Premium Primer
PRIMER SEALS AND BLOCKS STAINS If you have a wall with unpleasant stains, for example smoke stains from a previous homeowner in a bedroom, KILZ® Original Primer with its powerful stain blocking formula is the one you’ll fall in love with. LEARN MORE
KILZ Original Primer
After Bedroom image using stain blocking primer
Before bedroom image
VERSATILE MULTI-SURFACE SEALER When you want to paint a porous surfaces like brick, you want a primer that seals the surface. KILZ 2® All-Purpose Primer is a versatile multi-surface sealer perfect for that relationship.  LEARN MORE
KILZ 2 All-Purpose Primer
PRIMER HIDES DARK COLORS When you’re trying to fall in love with a new color, the last thing you need is your ex-color showing up and ruining everything. That’s why you should consider KILZ 3® Premium Primer when going from a darker color to a lighter color. It hides dark colors and makes sure they don’t ever call you again. LEARN MORE
KILZ 3 Premium Primer
PRIMER HAS A MILDEW RESISTANT PRIMER FINISH In high humidity areas, like bathrooms, you might really get along with KILZ® Kitchen & Bath Primer. It dries with a mildew resistant primer finish that helps protect and support paint while it lives it's best life. LEARN MORE
KILZ Kitchen and Bath Primer