How-To Paint a Dark Accent Wall

Aug 30, 2019Blue, How-To Projects, White

An outdated wall color is replaced with a bold hue in this easy to replicate bedroom transformation, giving a once bland space a fresh look and feel. It’s typical of many painting projects to be applying new paint over a previous color, and when you’re going from a lighter shade to a darker paint color do you need to prime? The Pro’s answer is yes! Priming before painting allows a truer and richer color from your top coat, so even if you think your new color is dark enough to cover the old paint, you might not get the exact result you were expecting if you don’t prime first.

For this bedroom makeover we chose KILZ 2® All-Purpose primer, a multi-surface sealer and stain blocker that is great at hiding a previous light or mid-toned color. KILZ 2® was perfect for the job as we were taking the wall behind the bed from light to dark, but also changing the wall with the window from the old grey-green to a crisp white – this really made our final accent wall pop!


At first glance the before-to-after transformation of this space might look like it took a lot of work, but the biggest change was the new paint color. The beauty of a dark accent wall is that it can dramatically elevate your space, without the need for many other changes. We chose KILZ Complete Coat® in Night Magic for the accent wall and White for the remaining walls. A deep gray with a dark blue undertone, Night Magic appears as almost black on the wall which resulted in the bold look we desired while still having a level of softness ideal for a bedroom.

After the priming and painting were done, we added new bedding and a few fresh accessories and the stunning bedroom makeover was complete. If you’re feeling inspired to paint your own dark accent wall, step-by-step instructions are below.

Step 1:

Wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to ensure they are clean and free of dust. Allow the surface to dry.

Step 2:

Tape around the baseboards, trim and moldings.

Step 3:

To ensure a perfect paint finish, start by applying 1 coat of KILZ 2® All-Purpose – stirring thoroughly before and occasionally during use. Allow 1-hour of dry time.

Pro-tip: Apply primer using a brush first to “cut in” around the edges, then use a roller to fill in.

Step 4:

Next, apply KILZ Complete Coat® in White on all walls except the chosen accent wall. Use a brush first to cut in around the edges 4 to 6 feet at a time, then use a roller to fill in those sections before moving along.


Step 5:

Next on the chosen accent wall, apply KILZ Complete Coat® in Night Magic. Use a brush first to cut in around the edges 4 to 6 feet at a time, then use a roller to fill in those sections before moving along.

Step 6:

Remove tape prior to paint drying.


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