Styled by Color – White Modern

May 30, 2019 | Color, Trends, White

Memorial Day has come and gone, marking the start of summer and the season to dress in your freshest whites. Whether you subscribe to the “no wearing white before Memorial Day” rule or not, in the world of interior design white is a timeless shade that instantly breathes new life into any space. For June’s color of the month we chose White Modern, a warm off-white that captures the sunshine filled days of summer and pairs well with a broad spectrum of coordinating colors. A timeless white, it balances warm and cool tones and is versatile enough to be used throughout the home as a wall or trim color.

In a bedroom, White Modern creates a sense of comfort and openness with a contemporary edge. It pairs easily with grey and light-moss colored furniture and is complemented by soft ceramic accessories. A true white trim on doors and windows pops against White Modern walls and draws the eye to the world outside, subtly bringing the outdoors in.

White Modern creates the perfect backdrop in any space and coordinates well with a range of furniture and décor pieces. A mid-tone blue dining table and light blue hutch are a natural complement to White Modern walls and work together to create a distinct dining space next to a warm living area with a grey-brown sofa and neutral accessories.

Looking for a few other whites to try? Ultra Bright White is our whitest white and provides a crisp and clean look. For a silky neutral, Champagne White is a light cream with the perfect hint of peach.

White Modern

Ultra Bright White

Champagne White