Styled by Color – Fresh Front Doors

Jul 22, 2019Trends

This month we’re taking our trending colors outside for an easy way to elevate your curb appeal. A bold hue applied to your front door can instantly breathe new life into a tired exterior and the color choices are virtually endless! The front door is a perfect size to play with a bright or bold color that might otherwise overwhelm the entire exterior, which made it that much harder for us to choose just a few top picks. While a tomato red or sunshine yellow hue would surely punch up your porch, we found ourselves drawn this month to shades of blue, green and black as cool summer picks for a front door makeover.

If you’re ready to add a bold color to your front door but you typically prefer more neutral shades, Night Magic might be the color for you. A deep gray with a dark blue undertone it can appear almost black in some lights, but with the subtle interest of its underlying hues. Night Magic works great as a front door color against a lighter exterior paint color, like a nearly-white grey or a sandy tan.

Looking for a shade with a bit more brightness? Then you’ll love our next pick, Oceans Deep. The dark bluish green with gray tones is a refined yet fun front door color choice. We love how it pops against a true white door frame and light wood exterior. 

And if you’re ready to go all in with a lighter and brighter shade, Jade Sea is a light green with a yellow undertone that evokes the color of a natural prasiolite quartz. A front door painted in Jade Sea perfectly pops against a home with an all-black exterior.

For our last pick, we went for a bold shade that is a real showstopper on a front door.  A bright green with a yellow undertone, Bejewelled finds its perfect partner in a sleek black doorframe on this modern wood paneled home.

Night Magic

Oceans Deep

Jade Sea


A front door makeover is a minimal investment with a big return on your overall curb appeal and with summer entertaining season underway, there’s no better time to freshen up the first thing guests see when they arrive.


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