Role of Color In A Mid-Century Modern Look

Jan 11, 2017Blue, Brown, Color, Gray, Purple, Trends

With the right colors and décor, it’s relatively easy to bring this timeless vibe into the home. Our color experts have recommended these colors from the KILZ® TRIBUTE® paint collection as inspiration for a Mid-Century Modern look:  Art MuseumBrushed MetalFawn DoeNorthern SkyOceanicBeetroot Purple

All of these colors complement the vintage look of yesterday without feeling dated. If you’re going for a bolder look, don’t be afraid to explore contrasting materials and colors, such as wood and metal, or a pastel paired with a saturated hue on your ceiling.







Styled by Color – Fresh Front Doors

Styled by Color – Fresh Front Doors

This month we’re taking our trending colors outside for an easy way to elevate your curb appeal. A bold hue applied to your front door can instantly breathe new life into a tired exterior and the color choices are virtually endless! The front door is a perfect size to play with a bright or bold color that might otherwise overwhelm the entire exterior, which made it that much harder for us to choose just a few top picks. While a tomato red or sunshine yellow hue would surely punch up your porch, we found ourselves drawn this month to shades of blue, green and black as cool summer picks for a front door makeover.

Styled by Color – White Modern

Styled by Color – White Modern

Memorial Day has come and gone, marking the start of summer and the season to dress in your freshest whites. Whether you subscribe to the “no wearing white before Memorial Day” rule or not, in the world of interior design white is a timeless shade that instantly breathes new life into any space. For June’s color of the month we chose White Modern, a warm off-white that captures the sunshine filled days of summer and pairs well with a broad spectrum of coordinating colors. A timeless white, it balances warm and cool tones and is versatile enough to be used throughout the home as a wall or trim color.