Ombré Wall Dressing Room Transformation

Jul 19, 2018Blue, Color, How-To Projects, Trends

Let’s be real: a small closet is hardly enough space for a modern professional woman to store her wardrobe and shoes (OMG, the shoes!). So what better way to make good use of a spare bedroom—maybe one that currently serves as a messy resting place for dirty laundry—than to turn it into a hip, functional dressing room. And the best part? This dramatic transformation can be completed in just one weekend.   


After emptying the room, the first order of business is picking a new wall color. While this process was once a tedious one, now you can start to search for your perfect colors online. In this case, our designer has chosen three ocean-inspired KILZ® TRIBUTE® Paint colors: ULTRA BRIGHT WHITE (TB-01)TRUE TEAL (TB-59) and OCEANS DEEP (TB-60) to achieve this ombré accent wall look. Check out the video below to learn some techniques for this application!  

Ultra Bright White

True Teal

Project Checklist: (All products available on Amazon)

Feather together with a dry brush. Spray water to keep things moist. Keep going until you reach ombré perfection.


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