Priming and Painting New Interior Wood

Priming and Painting New Interior Wood Painting an interior wood door or trim that hasn’t previously been painted can be challenging using paint alone.

New wood is porous, often requiring multiple coats of paint unless properly sealed first. Knots and sap streaks in new wood also can bleed through new paint if not blocked prior to painting.

But, you can paint new wood with professional results if you prime first. Here are some tips from the coatings experts at KILZ Paint and Primer that will make new doors, trim – even unpainted furniture – look their best.

Prepare the wood for priming. Clean the interior wood with TSP or a commercially available household cleaner to remove any dirt and contaminants that will prevent coating adhesion. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Prime with a high quality oil-based primer or “new technology” water-based primer. Traditional water-based primers will raise the wood grain and won’t block knots and sap steaks, so use an oil-based primer or “new technology” water-based primer that performs like an oil-based to prime new wood.

KILZ® Original Primer is an oil-based primer that’s an excellent choice for priming new interior wood. It will seal the new wood for a more even color and sheen, as well as block knots and sap streaks so they won’t bleed through the paint and ruin your new paint job.

If you prefer using a water-based primer for interior wood projects, try KILZ MAX™ Primer. Its revolutionary water-based formula has all the performance of an oil-based primer combined with all the benefits of water-based, including low odor and easy soap and water cleanup. KILZ MAX won’t raise the grain in new wood, like other water-based primers can, and seals the surface for a more consistent color and sheen. It also helps block knots and sap streaks and has great wet-on-wet build over bare wood. Additionally, in as little as an hour of drying time, it can be sanded to a fine powder, providing an excellent base for the glossy or enamel paints frequently used on wood doors and trim.

Paint with a high quality water-based or oil-based paint. Since all KILZ brand primers can go over or under any water-based or oil-based paint, the choice is yours!

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