Priming and Painting New Drywall

Priming and Painting Drywall If you’ve ever tried painting new drywall with paint alone, chances are you applied multiple coats of paint and still didn’t achieve the professional paint job for which you hoped.

New drywall is extremely porous and can soak up a lot of paint, often resulting in an uneven color and sheen if not properly sealed first. Builders commonly use "flat" paint in new construction, and it is also very porous and needs to be properly sealed prior to painting to help prevent uneven color and a phenomenon known as flashing (i.e. high and low spots and irregular sheen).

But, if you apply a high quality primer before applying the first coat of paint, you can achieve professional results and often use a lot less paint – saving you both time and money. Here are some tips from the coatings experts at KILZ Paint and Primer to make painting new drywall faster and easier.

Prepare the drywall for priming. Make sure it’s free from dust, debris and other contaminants that could prevent coating adhesion. Make sure spackling compound, if any, is fully dried and sanded even to the drywall.

Prime with a high quality water-based primer to seal the surface. KILZ 2® Latex Primer or KILZ® General Purpose Interior Primer are excellent choices for sealing new drywall. Featuring low odor formulas and easy soap and water clean-up, they can be applied by brush, roller or spray to seal the new drywall, to create a better surface for paint.

Paint with a high quality water-based or oil-based paint. Since all KILZ primers can go over or under any water-based or oil-based paint, the choice is yours!

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