Priming and Painting Paneling

Priming and Painting Paneling It’s not unusual to find outdated wood or veneer paneling in older homes. Sometimes it was installed for its decorative appeal when paneling was popular for dens or finished basements. But, there are times when homeowners install paneling to hide wall damage that cannot easily be repaired, turning removal into a costly and time-consuming project.

Fortunately, you can update and brighten a paneled room without removing the paneling. All it takes is a little bit of know-how and high quality primer and paint.

Here are tips from the coatings experts at KILZ Paint and Primer that will help you update and refresh the look of a paneled room in just one afternoon:

Prepare the surface. Clean the paneling thoroughly with TSP or a household cleaner to remove dirt, debris or residue that could prevent primer adhesion. If the veneer is lifting, secure it to ensure it doesn’t lift again during priming and painting. Or, sand down small pieces or edges so they’re level with the surface of the paneling. Note: While most people who paint paneling don’t worry about the grooves, if a smooth wall-like surface is desired, simply fill in the grooves with spackling compound. Allow to dry and sand so the surface is level.

Prime the surface with a water-based primer. Some paneling has a slick surface which makes it difficult for paint to adhere. Dark colored paneling can show through ordinary paint and all paint jobs need a sealed surface to look their best. That’s why priming with a high quality water-based primer like KILZ 2® Latex Primer first is important.

KILZ 2 sticks to glossy surfaces and helps give paint a sound surface on which to adhere. It helps hide dark colored paneling so it won’t show through your new paint and seals the surface for a more even color and sheen. KILZ 2 can even block oil-soluble stains like grease or crayon permanently and completely.

If the paneling has stains from nicotine, smoke or water, use new KILZ MAX™ Primer. Featuring a unique water-based formula that performs like an oil-based primer, it takes the guesswork out of primer selection. KILZ MAX blocks all stains permanently and completely and provides an ideal base for paint.

Paint! Apply one- or two-coats of a high quality water-based paint and enjoy your “new” room.

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