Airless Spray Gun: Pressure: 

1800 - 2800 psi

 Tip Size: .017" - .021"

Conventional Pressure Pot: 

Pot Pressure: 15 - 20 psi

Automizing: 25 - 35 psi

Tip Size: 70 - 80 thousandth

  • Recoat after the first coat has dried to the touch (30-45 minutes).
  • Each additional coat must be applied within 4 hours or after 7 days of drying.
  • Dries and is ready to handle in 90 minutes (at 77°F – 25°C – 50% RH).

Apply two or more coats as needed to achieve a 4-mil dry film thickness required for maximum rust and substrate protection.

Remove all loose rust, paint and mill scale, by scraping, sanding or wire brushing the substrate. Remove all dirt, oil, grease, salt contamination from ocean or street salt, and mildew. Rinse surface thoroughly and let dry. Smooth, slick surfaces must be de-glossed or abraded by sanding or grit blasting. DO NOT use any rust converter, or any other acid or conversion type product to clean or prepare a rusted surface before applying a Hammerite coating.