Project Ideas

Black and silver mailboxes are a mainstay in American yards, but they don't have to be plain, lifeless boxes. In fact, they're the perfect canvas for bringing personality to the front lawn. These simple tips will help DIYers add style to their street, and by incorporating HAMMERITE® RUST CAP® RUST PREVENTIVE PAINTS, you'll help ensure a longer lifespan for your mailbox.

Getting Started

Before beginning a project, choose a well-ventilated area. Make sure that there is nothing within 10 feet that would get in the way of any overspray. The most effective way to apply spray paint is one side at a time, laying the box flat for each application and allowing time to dry before rotating sides.

The All American Mailbox

Show your patriotic spirit with a mailbox that uses an American flag scheme. Create a rust preventive base by painting the entire mailbox using HAMMERITE® RUST CAP® SMOOTH ENAMEL FINISH in Flat White. Construct evenly-spaced horizontal stripes using painters tape and apply HAMMERITE® RUST CAP® SMOOTH ENAMEL FINISH in Bright Red between the lines. Apply HAMMERITE® RUST CAP® SMOOTH ENAMEL FINISH in Dark Blue to the door of the mailbox. Once the paint is dry, remove the painters tape to reveal classic red and white American stripes. Add stars using stencils or decals purchased from a local hardware or craft store.

The Great American Mailbox