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Airless Spray:


                        Filter: 60 mesh

                        Tip: 0.017" - 0.019"

                        Reduction: Not Recommended


Conventional Spray:  Not Recommended

Our KILZ Casual Colors Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss and High Gloss paint sheens are formulated with advanced acrylic technology for both interior and exterior use.

300-350 sq. ft. per gallon on smooth surfaces and 200-300 sq. ft. on rough surfaces.

For best results, prime the entire surface with a premium primer such as KILZ® Premium or KILZ Clean Start to ensure a uniform appearance of the final coat

KILZ Casual Colors paint dries to the touch in 2 hours (at 77ºF and 50% R.H.) or longer in cooler temperatures and/or higher humidity. If desired, recoat after four hours. Wait two weeks before washing the cured paint film.

Peeling can be caused by seepage of moisture through uncaulked joints, worn caulk or leaks in roofs or walls. Proper surface preparation before painting will help prevent peeling.

50º - 90ºF

Several factors can contribute to an uneven hide. Priming first is always recommended to ensure that porous surfaces are sealed. It is also important to use a quality roller cover and brush. Do not overspread or stretch paint. Under-application will affect hide and durability. Do not apply excessive pressure when rolling.

Primers and paint require 14 days to cure fully. For best results avoid scratching, abrading or scraping until fully cured. Cure time will vary depending on temperature and humidity. Remove all tape immediately after priming and painting by scoring the tape edge with a knife to avoid peeling of your primer/paint film.

Roller marks can be caused by using an inadequate roller cover and /or painting slick surfaces without priming first. Be sure to not overload your roller with paint, always maintain a wet edge, and do not overwork the paint with your brush and roller.

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.  VOCs are organic chemical compounds that have high enough vapor pressures under normal conditions to significantly vaporize and enter the atmosphere.  VOCs are found in liquid coatings, adhesives, furniture, carpeting and many other common household items.  VOCs can have a negative impact on indoor air quality and the ozone.  KILZ Casual Colors paints comply with the strictest federal guidelines for VOC content.   

A nylon-polyester blend bristle brush, ½" - ¾" synthetic composition roller, is recommended for flat surfaces. Brush irregular surfaces. Do not overwork coating.

Fading is caused by use of a paint color that will not withstand UV radiation (mostly bright reds, blues or yellows). Make sure your white paint is suitable for tinting, but do not overtint. Stir and shake to mix paint thoroughly before applying.

Lighting plays a big part in color difference. Colors that appear to match under one light, may not match under a different light. Also, make sure your walls and ceiling are completely dried. Sometimes after repairing your walls or ceilings the repaired section will be more porous. If the repaired area is not sealed and primed, the area may absorb more paint when topcoated, and look different than the rest of the wall.

Several things cause paint to sag and run, such as applying too much paint, holding your spray gun too close to the surface, or applying the paint when the temperature is too cold or the humidity is too high.

Sheen difference is caused by uneven thickness of paint; which can be caused by failing to prime a porous surface or surface with varying degrees of porosity, applying a second coat of primer or paint before the first coat has dried, or if the paint is too thick and still damp in some areas.

Paint takes longer to dry when applied in conditions of low temperature (below 50º F), or high humidity (above 50%).