Established more than 40 years ago, Masterchem Industries LLC is a national leader in the manufacturing of specialty coatings products, including primers, one-coat paints and rust-preventive coatings.

The Company markets primers under the KILZ® brand, one-coat paints under KILZ® Casual Colors® and rust-preventive coatings under the Hammerite Rust Cap® name.

These products are sold on a nationwide basis to more than 30,000 outlets, including paint and hardware stores. Nearly 90 percent of the Company's sales are to retailers with the remaining going to distributors.

Masterchem Industries, headquartered in Imperial, Missouri, became a Masco company in 2000.

As leading force in the industry, Masterchem proudly offers many exciting career opportunities to qualified candidates. Take a look and discover for yourself the outstanding benefits of joining Masterchem today.

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Masterchem is an equal opportunity employer that offers a quality work environment, as well as competitive wages and benefits package.

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