KILZ® HIDE-ALL™ is a high hiding, fast drying, multi-surface latex primer sealer formulated to minimize problems caused by dark colours, minor surface marks, textures and porosity differences. Ready to brush, roll or spray, it can be topcoated after one hour with latex or oil-base paint. Use KILZ HIDE-ALL on interior surfaces including drywall, cured plaster, woodwork, masonry, concrete block, brick and previously painted surfaces. Not for use over glossy surfaces or on floors.


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Available in Gallons & Fives

Surface Preparation†

  • All surfaces must be clean, free of dust, chalk,oil, grease, wax polish, mold and mildew, loose peeling paint, rust and all other foreign substances.

  • If washing is necessary, use a non-soapy detergent or TSP substitute. Rinse well and allow to dry.

  • Peeling or Checked Paint: Scrape off loose paint and sand to a smooth surface. Sanding or removal of paint containing lead is hazardous.

  • Glossy Surfaces - Not Recommended: Use products such as KILZ® ADHESION, KILZ MAX® and KILZ® PREMIUM primers over properly prepared glossy surfaces.

  • Always wash mold or mildew covered surfaces with a mildew remover, rinse with water and allow to dry before priming.

  • Mold or Mildew Prone Surfaces - Not Recommended: use products such as KILZ KITCHEN & BATH, KILZ PREMIUM and KILZ 2® primers over properly prepared, mold- or mildew-prone areas.

  • Masonry, Brick, Stucco and Plaster: KILZ HIDE-ALL may be used on clean, dry, aged interior masonry surfaces that have cured (dried) at least 30 days.


  • Eye protection is recommended.

  • Apply as supplied using a brush, roller or sprayer.

  • Do not thin for stainblocking applications. A small amount of water may be added for other spray applications.

  • Only apply if surface, air and product temperatures are between 10°-32° C.

  • Stir thoroughly before and occasionally during use.

  • Prime the entire surface to ensure a uniform appearance of the topcoat.

  • Stains: KILZ HIDE-ALL is formulated to hide minor, non-bleeding scuffs and stains before topcoating; for heavier stains use a product such as KILZ MAX, KILZ PREMIUM, KILZ® ORIGINAL, KILZ COMPLETE® or KILZ ODOURLESS® primers.

  • Tinting: May be tinted with up to 2 oz. (60 mL) of universal colourant per gallon. Tinting to a lighter shade than the topcoat is recommended.

Dry Time at 25°C, 50% RH

  • To Touch: 30 Minutes

  • To Recoat / Topcoat: 1 Hour

  • Application at lower temperatures, high humidity or poor ventilation will affect dry time.  

Clean-Up & Disposal

  • Clean equipment and paint spatters with warm, soapy water. 

  • If spilled, contain material and remove with an inert absorbent. Dispose of contaminated absorbent, container and unused product in accordance with all current federal, state and local regulations.

  • Do not dispose of this product down a drain.

  • Please consider donating any unused product.

  • For recycling or disposal information, contact your local household refuse collection service.