KILZ® Concrete & Masonry Protector & Waterproofer

KILZ® Concrete & Masonry Protector & Waterproofer utilizes the latest water-based, silicone technology providing an interior/exterior waterproofing formula designed to penetrate up to 13 mm into the surface. This waterproofer creates a barrier keeping water out, but allowing trapped water vapours to escape resulting in reduced corrosion, spalling, efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage. The protection is not worn away with normal use creating lasting durability for the surface. Ideal for horizontal and vertical uncoated concrete and masonry surfaces such as: Concrete Blocks, Pavers, Stucco, Brick, Unglazed Tiles, Exposed Aggregate Concrete, Sandstone and Slate. Not recommended for use on areas subject to hydrostatic pressure such as basement walls or floors. For residential applications only. Apply in sections so wet material does not have to be walked on during application.


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Available in Gallons


The following steps and products are required.

  • New concrete must cure for a minimum of 30 days.

  • Remove old coating or sealer, if present, using KILZ Concrete & Masonry Paint Stripper.

  • Remove mildew stains, if present, with KILZ Concrete and Masonry Cleaner & Degreaser.

  • For optimal penetration and adhesion, use KILZ Concrete & Masonry Cleaner & Etcher to clean and etch the surface. Testing Surface Preparation: Sprinkle a few drops of water onto the surface. If water is quickly absorbed, the surface is ready. If not absorbed, re-etch.


  • DO NOT DILUTE. Stir or shake before applying.

  • For best results, apply when air and surface temperatures are between 10°C - 32°C.

  • Apply until saturated by brush, roller or garden sprayer to a dry surface.

  • For roller application please use nap size 10mm - 13mm for smooth and 19mm for rough surface.

  • Remove any puddles by spreading product to drier areas or by wiping up excess with a clean cloth.

  • On vertical surfaces, apply from the bottom up and saturate well.

  • COVERAGE: 23 m²

Dry Time

  • Allow surface to dry 24-48 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.

  • Once dried, rough, vertical surfaces may be coated with an oil or latex-based paint or primer. Do not paint horizontal surfaces after applying this product.

Clean up & Disposal

  • Clean equipment and paint spatters with warm, soapy water. If spilled, contain material and remove with an inert absorbent. Dispose of contaminated absorbent, container and unused product in accordance with all current governmental regulations.

  • Do not dispose of this product down a drain. For recycling or disposal information contact your local household refuse collection service.


  • Protect from freezing.

  • Do not use on coated or previously sealed floors.

  • For best results, apply at temperatures between 10°C - 32°C. Temperatures above 32°C may affect the application such as drying too fast. Avoid applying in direct sun. NOTE: If the surface is hot to the touch it should be considered too hot to apply this coating.

  • Allow two weeks before washing or cleaning for full cure.

  • Shelf life under normal conditions is two years unopened.

  • Masonry with pH Levels up to 13.0.